Welcome to “Au fil des alpagas” !

We are both students in agronomy at the Paris Institute of Technology for Life, Food and Environmental Sciences. During our second year of studying we met by chance an alpaca breeder in Saint-Chamond (France). Right in the middle of the meadow we knitted the first stitch of our gap year.

In spite of their casual  attitude and their long funny neck, they seem to be lively and clever. They are full to the brim with originality but they stay lovely. Once we put the hand in their fleece, we wonder what kind of enchantment could make it so smooth. Suddenly a whole lot of questions come to our mind: Who breed those animals ? Where ? What for ? How is the fiber transformed ? Who can afford such clothes ?

Our one year project consist in discover the alpaca fiber industry from the breeder to the consumer, by meeting people and traveling.

The Project

We would like to share our investigations by writing portraits of people who work into the alpaca industry. Unfortunately we do not have skills to translate this kind of texts. You can instead visit our image gallery.

Why did we choose this three countries: Peru, the UK and France ? If you are curious, let us go here to get more details !

The movie

A part of writing portraits we are making videos of interviews with breeders, craftsmen, sellers, scientists… The aim consists in doing a kind of comparison between the French, British and Peruvian alpaca fiber industries. However you have to be very patient ! The movie will be ready as soon as possible, but probably  not before the end of June.